4 Hidden Gem Bakeries That Are A Must-Try For Pastry Lovers!

Deliciously simple yet endless in their varieties, bread and pastries are often taken for granted. From the preparation of the ingredients, to the fine-tuned baking process, preparing fresh bakes is nothing short of an artform. Here are 4 new hidden-gem bakeries that you should add to your list when you’re on the hunt for some sweet new treats!

Bread & Butter Bakery & Café –

With humble beginnings of a small baking hobby at home, Bread & Butter Bakery & Café’s immense popularity has resulted in their new outlet at the foot of Oxley Tower. Decorated in pretty pastel pink and filled with the sweet smell of freshly baked buns and rolls, simply entering their store is enough to set anyone in a good mood!

Their offerings include homemade Matcha Milk Brownies, Gula Melaka Walnut loaves (from $4), Lemon & Pistachio loaves (from $4), and more. If there’s one thing you have to try however, definitely keep an eye out for their Signature Cinnamon Sticky Buns ($3.80)!

Location: 138 Robinson Rd, #01-04 Oxley Tower, Singapore 068906

Operating Hours:

6am-3pm (Mon-Fri)

7am-3pm (Sat)

(Closed on Sun)

Website: https://breadandbutterbyxy.com/

Patissier Woo –

Credits: Patissier Woo

With 10 years of business and 3 outlets across the island, Patissier Woo is no stranger to the local pastry scene. Helmed by former banker Melissa Woo, this local chain specialises in exquisite, artisanal bakes.

Credits: Patissier Woo

Hungry for more? Be sure to try out their Choux (Cream Puffs), available in a variety of flavours from Vanilla Bean to Sicilian Pistachio ($20 for 6). They also feature an impressive menu of artisanal cakes such as their new Yuzu Mango Cake ($60), which pairs yuzu mousse with almond sponge and mango jelly!

Location (Dawson): 94A Dawson Rd, #01-02, Singapore 142094

Operating Hours:

12:30pm-9:30pm (Tues-Sat)

12:30pm-7pm (Sun)

(Closed on Mon)

Website: https://patissierwoo.myshopify.com/

La Levain Bakery and Café –

Hidden amidst the hardware stores and boutique hotels that fill the Jalan Besar area, La Levain offers a quiet afternoon with locally-inspired bakes. The artisanal creations here are fusion of Chef Wythe’s personal experiences with bakeries in large local chains, as well as his love for French classics.

Planning a visit for the weekend? They feature a vast menu of dishes from classic brunch sets to fresh pizzas! If you’re looking for something a little more special however, be sure to try their Speculoos Muffin with Callebut Caramel ($3) as well as their Bo Bo Cha Cha Croissant ($7).

Location: 23 Hamilton Rd, Singapore 209193

Operating Hours: 8am-6pm (Tues-Sun), (Closed on Mon)

Website: https://www.lalevain.com/

Baker’s Well –

Credits: Baker’s Well

Located in an unassuming shophouse off East Coast road, Baker’s Well has been quietly serving their fresh homemade bakes since 2004. This traditional bakery features all the nostalgic classics that we grew up with, like Sausage Buns ($4.50) and Chocolate Chip Muffins ($2.40).

Credits: Baker’s Well

Sometimes we just crave the classics, and this is what Baker’s Well does best! Our personal favourites include their muffins, which are available in a wide range of flavours from Blueberry to Apricot ($2.40 each)!

Location: 35 East Coast Rd, Singapore 428754

Operating Hours: 8am-9pm (Daily)

Website: https://www.bakerswell.com/

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