5 Smashing Spots With Must-Try Ayam Penyet In Singapore!

The moment I had my first mouthful of Ayam Penyet, it was love. The sambal was tangy and spicy, the chicken was tender and delicious, and the crunchy and oily skin was super yummy. It was gluttony in its most beautiful form. Singapore is bursting with restaurants serving this savoury dish, and we are here to show you just five of the best!

Pondok Pantai Timor –

While all have our personal favorites when it comes to dishes like Ayam Penyet, this humble store has been quickly gaining popularity, and for good reason! Hidden away in the heart of Ubi, this store has its loyal fans due to their perfectly crisp chicken and fantastic flavour.

Their chicken comes unbattered, yet remains addictively crispy. Their choice of rice is also different, opting for a fragrant, steamed style unlike the usual white rice you’d get elsewhere. If you’re a fan of spicy foods, then you’re in luck! Their sambal belacan packs a mean punch with fair hints of belacan flavor.

Location:  301 Ubi Ave 1, Singapore 400301

Operating Hours: 8am-8pm (Mon-Sat), (Closed on Sun)

Website: –

Uncle Penyet –

Credits: Uncle Penyet

If you’re a fan of Indonesian cuisine, you’ve probably heard of Uncle Penyet at least once or twice before. This chain has multiple outlets all across the country, and that’s for good reason! Their battered chicken and spicy sambal pretty much sets the standard for this dish across the island.

Credits: Uncle Penyet

Their signature Nasi Ayam Penyet starts at $9.50, and they feature a wide selection of other dishes as well. Personally, I’d recommend also trying their Nasi Ikan Dory Penyet ($9.50) for a softer, more tender bite, which contrasts wonderfully with the crispy battered exterior.

Location (Pasir Ris): #01-02, Blk 110 Pasir Ris Central, Singapore 519641

Operating Hours: 10am-9pm (Daily)

Website: https://www.unclepenyet.com.sg/

D’Penyetz –

Credits: D’Penyetz

We can’t have a list of Ayam Penyet spots without mentioning what might be the biggest name of them all, D’Penyetz! Originating from Jakarta, Indonesia, this delicious chain is nigh unstoppable with new outlets across 5 countries including Australia!

Credits: D’Penyetz

Must-trys include their Ayam Penyet Kampung, which features a juicy serving of their signature smashed and fried kampung chicken. A standout factor here is that you can choose your own level of spiciness from 1-6, so you can enjoy your fried feast just the way you like it!

Location (Jurong): 50 Jurong Gateway Road (Jem) #05-02, 608549

Operating Hours: 10am-9:30pm (Daily)

Website: https://www.dpenyetz.sg/

Sari Bistari –

Credits: Azman Ariffin

Located in Changi Village, this hidden gem is a hot favourite among easties and foodies alike! This humble little stall has been operating for decades – and from their long queues, show no signs of slowing down.

Credits: Azman Ariffin

Their signature chicken is perfectly crisp on the outside, yet surprisingly juicy and flavourful with every bite.  Similar to Pondok Pantai Timor, they also stay away from white rice, instead choosing to employ the fragrant jasmine rice instead. Their Ayam Penyet dish starts from $7.

Location: 3 Changi Village Rd, Singapore 500003

Operating Hours: 10am-8pm (Daily)

Website: –

Dapur Penyet –

Credits: Dapur Penyet

With 3 outlets across the island, this chain specialises in serving authentic Indonesian cuisine at wallet-friendly prices. In addition to the classic Ayam Penyet, they also feature a variety of other Indonesian dishes including Fried Sudanese Dancing Fish, Javanese Chicken Soto, and more.

Credits: Dapur Penyet

Their signature Ayam Penyet comes with a choice between 5 different chili sauces, from the usual Belacan, to Rica, Bawang, Belado, and Hijau chili! If you’re on the hunt for authentic Indonesian cuisine, this spot’s probably your best bet!

Location: Orchard Rd, #01-59/62 176A, Singapore 238844

Operating Hours: 11am-8:30pm (Daily)

Website: https://www.dapurpenyet.com.sg/

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