Brighten Your Mood At This Cheerful Café! – Butter Bean Review

The next time you find yourself in town with time to kill, here’s a cheerful café to help brighten your day! Located in the bright and hip Funan, Butter Bean’s yellow interior is hard to miss when walking down the street, and it has extremely welcoming vibes when you step into the space with colourful murals. The music is also not too loud, making for a nice ambiance. The café is good for hanging out with friends or having a solo date. Their menu features a variety of thick toasts, croissants, local delights, and of course, kopi and teh!

CFC (Crispy Fried Chicken) Set –

The CFC (Crispy Fried Chicken) Sandwich ($7.70) comes with your choice of one drink. The sandwich contains a fried chicken patty, cheese, omelette, and lettuce. You can choose one sauce from: curry, black pepper, garlic sesame, or thousand island. Butter Bean recommends curry or black pepper sauce with this set; we got the thousand island sauce 😆

The sandwich was nice; the crispy chicken and soft omelette go together well. The chicken cutlet has some fatty bits in it, which some may like. The omelette is very gooey, and it makes the sandwich a little difficult to eat. The portion is quite small for a meal and may be more suitable as a snack, unless you’re not that hungry. Price point may be high considering you’re paying for a small sandwich and a drink.

Curry On Sunshine Set –

The highlight of the meal was definitely this Curry On Sunshine set ($9.70)! It’s a crowd-pleaser with a crispy fried chicken chop, Singapore-style curry, and omelette-topped rice. It was flavourful without being too salty. We felt that it was a value-for-money meal as the portion was large.

The Singapore-style curry was a standout and came separately in a cup (so you have the choice of adding it slowly to your dish or just pouring it all). There was no meat in the curry, but it had two big chunks of potatoes in it. It had a strong coconut milk taste and still has some spicy kick. The egg was very fluffy and soft, and the chicken remained crispy even after dousing it in curry and eating for a while. We recommend pouring curry over everything—shiok!

This dish had a good combination of ingredients — it’s like curry chicken, except you get the crispy chicken, with fluffy egg and soft rice, served in a bowl. Can’t go wrong here.

2 Piece Savoury Croissants –

Finally, we had the 2 Piece Savoury Croissants ($9.90), which means you get to choose any two of their savoury croissants. We got a BFF Croissant (a fried fish croissant) and an Omu Cheese Croissant. The BFF croissant, like the CFC sandwich, comes with choice of sauce. It also has a battered fish fillet, lettuce, sliced cheese, and omelette. The omu cheese croissant does not offer a choice of sauce—it came with what tasted like thousand island sauce. It has sliced cheese, lettuce, and a fluffy cheesy omelette. The croissant really loads up on the cheese with the melted cheese in the omelette and the sliced cheese! In case you’re wondering, the croissants are not the crispy kind, they were very soft. It reminded us of Delifrance croissants.

The croissants are sliced in half like a sandwich and the ingredients are stacked in the middle. Like the sandwich, they got very messy to eat due to the stacked ingredients. There was no cutlery provided, so it seems like eating with your hands is encouraged. There was no sink in the restaurant, so bring wet wipes! Between the two croissants, the BFF croissant was more enjoyable as the battered fish gives the otherwise soft dish some bite and crunch, compared to the omu cheese croissant which was all soft ingredients.

The two piece savoury croissants are probably meant to be shared as the flavours can get repetitive after a while.

Lemon Lime Tea

The lemon lime tea came with the set meals. It’s quite good, not too sweet and has the natural lemon flavour. The lime got stronger towards the bottom of the drink and it became more sour. The drinks menu is quite extensive, and you can customise sweetness for the lattes.

If you haven’t bean here before, drop by for a quick bite or a chill hang out sesh with friends!

Location: 109 North Bridge Rd, #01-01, Singapore 179105

Operating Hours: 8:30am-8pm (Daily)


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