New Café In Katong Specializes In Crunchy Croffles!

What exactly is a Croffle?

In the ever-changing local landscape of brunch and bakes, it can be hard to keep up with all the new trends and spins on the usual snacks. A Croffle is essentially, the result of a croissant getting pressed into a waffle iron! Imagine the savory, buttery goodness of a fresh croissant, only crispier, crunchier, and all the more satisfying!

Croffles & Coffee is a new café that recently opened their door in the heart of the Katong area, off East Coast Road, and as their name suggests, they specialize in the popular new croffles. Eager to dig in and join the hype, we tried a few of their signature croffles, and this is what we found!

At Croffles & Coffee, their menu showcases a wide variety of croffles with different toppings. For the those with a sweet tooth, they’ve got croffles available in a variety of flavours, from raspberry dips (Double $15, Triple $20) to Lotus Biscoff ($8). If you’re in the mood for a cool treat, you can also opt for a scoop of gelato or sorbet with your fresh pastry.

If you’re on Team Savory instead of Team Sweet, rest assured they’ve got savory options available too. Their savory options include Seaweed Bonito, Cheesy Parsley, and Avocado ($9 each).  

Oreo Croffles –

The first flavor we tried was the Oreo Croffle ($8). With crushed oreo crumbs and a soft layer of cream covering a warm crunchy croffle, this proved to be a surprisingly pleasant treat. The oreo crumbs meshed well and stood in contrast to every savory bite, with the oreo cookies delivering a satisfying sweetness, while the buttery flavor of the croffle pulls you back in for another bite.

Lotus Croffles –

Next up, we got everybody’s favorite nutmeg-spiced flavor, the Lotus Biscoff Croffle ($8)! If you’re a fan of Lotus biscuits, then you’ll probably need no convincing here. Soft, crumbly flakes of Lotus biscuit covering a warm and crunchy croffle. Both the flavors of the lotus and the croffle are delightfully inviting, making this a quick snack from start to finish!

Strawberry Mango Soda –

As their name suggests, Croffles & Coffee also carries a variety of coffees and teas. Their coffee offerings range from Expressos ($4) to a cool Matcha Cloud Latte (8). As for their teas, they have an impressive range including classics like Chamomile and Earl Grey ($5), all the way to a cool Sauvignon ($6), which is a fancy, wine-inspired tea. As it was a particularly hot day, we instead opted for some of their sodas. Their Vanilla Lychee Soda ($7) and Strawberry Mango Soda ($9) includes a scoop of gelato which melts and blends into the drink, keeping it chilly and adding that extra bit of flavor.

All in all, Croffles & Coffee’s new café is a comfy spot that’s worth a visit. If you’re into croffles, this new spot is likely a dream come true! If you’re just looking for a cool new café to pass the weekend and find yourself in the Katong area, this is definitely one to keep an eye out for!

Location: 29 East Coast Road, Singapore 428750

Operating Hours:

10am-9pm (Sun-Thurs)

10am-10pm (Fri-Sat)


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