We Tried Windowsill Pies’ Famous Signature Pumpkin Pie (And More)!

If you’re a fan of tarts and bakes, you’ve probably heard of Windowsill Pies. This bakery specialises in pies and tarts rarely found in Singapore, featuring unique bakes such as their Pecan Pie, Grasshopper Pie, and of course, their signature Pumpkin Pie! We’ve talked about them before HERE, and since some of their most popular pie flavours are seasonal, if you haven’t given them a try, now’s the time!

Signature Pumpkin Pie –

While they are a common festive staple abroad, pumpkin pies aren’t exactly common in Singapore. Add that to the fact that they’re limited by seasonal batches, and you’d be hard-pressed to find a good slice if you’re looking for a taste! Windowsill Pies’ signature Pumpkin Pie is light, fluffy, with an almost cloudlike texture. There are hints of pumpkin flavour without being overpoweringly sweet, which results in a clean, airy sweetness that’s easy to enjoy.  Overall, it’s a great treat for quick afternoon snack, or if you’re really digging that thanksgiving cheer!

Classic Pecan Pie –

In addition to their prized pumpkin treat, we tried two other flavours of their famous pies as well! Their Classic Pecan Pie is another popular pick, and definitely one you should check out. The brown sugar custard is surprisingly mellow, giving each bite a earthy, nutty flavour. The roasted pecans adorning the pie contrasts well with the custard, bringing a nice crunch and nutty goodness with each bite.

Apple Frangipane & Rum Pie –

If you’re a fan of sweet and fruity pies, you’ll love their Apple Frangipane & Rum Pie. Chock full of juicy apple slices and custard cream, every bite is a smooth and satisfying treat. The rum-soaked raisins in particular add a excellent dash of colour in between bites, ensuring a nuanced, evolving flavour profile.

Credits: Windowsill Pies

While these 3 flavours are definitely unforgettable, they’ve got an impressive array of other flavours as well! From the Strawberry Lemon to the Morello Cherry Pie, there’s something for everyone and every taste, so if you’re feeling adventurous, it’s time to take the leap and check them out!

Overall, their pies are amazing! If you’re a fan of American-style pies, you’ll love their selection of fresh bakes and tarts. Their Pumpkin Pie is probably one of the best in Singapore, so if you were waiting to try them out, this is your sign!

Location (Joo Chiat): 290d Joo Chiat Rd

Operating Hours: 10am-6pm (Daily)

Website: https://www.windowsillpies.sg/

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